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Exchange of foreign driving license


Package deal!

NOW 1.999 DKK (SAVE 2.000 DKK)

Normal price 3.999 DKK

If you exchange your foreign driving license now, you will only pay 1.999 DKK at Herlev Trafikskole in Herlev.

What does it include?

  • Free introduction
  • Unlimited theory at the school

Information about exchanging foreign driving license in Denmark

You will need to exchange your foreign driving licence for a Danish driving licence if you establish residence in Denmark (meaning you spend a minimum of 185 days in Denmark within one calendar year) or if you move to Denmark permanently.

Depending on where your driving license was issued, you most likely have to pass both a theory test and a practical driving test to check your skills to get your foreign driving licence exchanged. But no need to worry – we will help you through the process.

For more information about exchanging a foreign driving license please visit borger.dk here.

Why choose this package?

It is a good idea to refresh the theoretical part if you have to pass both the practical driving test and the theory test to be allowed to exchange your license.

At Herlev Trafikskole, we have a package that will help you prepare for the theoretical test and provide you with all the knowledge necessary to pass, so that you will have your Danish driving license as soon as possible!

How does the theory test work?

The theory test consists of 25 pictures where you have to answer a number of questions. It is multiple choice, and you have four possible answers to each question. If you have more than five mistakes, you won’t pass the test and therefore, you will have to retake the test.

If you pass your practical driving test but fail the theory test, you cannot exchange your driving license for a Danish one even though you are an experienced driver.

Start now!

Please, contact Herlev Trafikskole if you have any further questions regarding the exchange of your foreign driver’s license.

+45 70 60 50 92